Friday, September 12, 2014

One Month older and wiser too...

He can't stop sneezing when he starts. Sneezed up to seven or eight sneezes in a row and after he'd always say "Ohhh..." in the sweetest little voice. I've never seen anything like it but we were never fast enough with our cameras, which makes Jeff and I so sad.

His first real smiles were on July 3rd. I'd been helping Evangeline take a nap (since she decided to stop after he was born), and didn't hear that McCoy had woken up until he was very upset. I ran in and got him, felt like the worst mother, and cuddled him while I told him I was so sorry. He just stopped crying, looked up at me and smiled. Evangeline saw him smile at me and said, "Mama, did he just smile?" I was so surprised that I just said, "I think he might have." Then he smiled at Evangeline and she squealed that he smiled at her. That sums up this little boy's personality so far in a nutshell. He is too sweet.

Honks ALL night long.

Started the peak of fussiness a little before four weeks. But chose the best time. Dinner until about 10:30pm (which was fine by me because Evie chose 11pm until 1am). He had lots of tummy issues with gas bubbles because he gulps like a maniac. In the hospital when he was born the nurse was so shocked that he was gulping the entire he was starving to death. He still will do that everytime he nurses and he nurses ALL the time! Every hour, except at night time he can go 2-3 hours and sometimes 4 hours (only happened once or twice).

He is very strong and can literally throw himself off of you if he want to change his position. It's actually very scary and makes him hard to hold because he's so so jerky.

He chokes all the time on his spit up. Rarely spits it up because he chokes to death on it, which is terrifying at nighttime. Most of the time he has to sleep on my chest, which caused it's own terrifying problems. He already has started cooing, is good at tracking, self-soothes by sucking on his hand, looks for Mama when you ask where I am, responds to his name, and calms down when I saw McCoy while he's crying.

He makes the best old grumpy man faces and stretches like a little man. He also makes the funniest faces while he's stretching.

Rubs his nose all over me all the time - such a boy.

Has hair that sticks up like a little mohawk all the time.

He poops like a boss. About 10 times a day and more if you include that he poops again while you're changing him. He's enjoyed peeing all over our bed, Evangeline, and his face. McCoy has also enjoyed pooping all over the wall twice. Different walls each time. And one wall was about three feet away, so he had a pretty nice shot. He's also pooped all over Grandma and Mama. And he enjoyed his first fireworks show with no crying, until the ride home.

He loves the car if he's alseep and hates it if he's awake or if the car isn't moving. But it helps if you can hold his hand because he loves holding hands (not like Evie as a baby). And apparently, bumper lips run in the family because he can make a pretty good one just like Evangeline.

I love this little guy and I'm so glad he came into our lives. We really needed his sweet spirit in our home at this time :)


He has the froggiest legs...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello Kitty Halloween

 Yes she is a "Hello Kitty" fan.
Because it's a kitty cat.
So we had to make it a Hello Kitty Halloween.
Especially since her costume was a kitty cat.

And yes she is wearing her pajamas with shoes and a hat while she's inside looking at her pumpkin she made with Dada.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Evie chose to be Marie from the Disney movie "Aristocats."

She loved that kitty the first time she saw it on the shelf - no need to see the movie. 
It was love at first sight.

Although, we couldn't resist showing her the song "Scales and Arpeggios" when we realized how much she loved that kitty.
And by 17 months, she'd ask to listen to "Arpeggios." 
By 18 months we could sing the song and she'd finish the line for us in tune and everything :)

This love for Marie started at 15 months, so no one was surprised when Evangeline picked to be Marie for Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Monday, August 12, 2013